Peggy Mills.

Necessity is the mother of invention?  It certainly is true in my case.  Since my late teens I have had chronic pain, and nighttime has always been intolerable.

As a licensed massage therapist for the last 10 years, I have worked specifically with people who have fibromyalgia and other chronic pain. I understand the feelings of desperation and frustration in trying to find any relief. 

For 25 years I’ve had this idea in my head and a homemade forerunner to the Elite SheetTM on my bed.  Finally, I can tell you about my creation, the Elite SheetTM.

Can the Elite SheetTM  help you?  Here's a short survey to help you answer that question.

Do you feel that:

  • You MUST have been hit by a truck because you hurt so much when you change positions in bed?
  • Your bed sheets have a vendetta against you?
  • You are being held hostage while turning in bed?

You may be chuckling after reading those questions, but your body knows it is really no laughing matter.  Pain isn’t funny.  Trying to move a hurting heap of heavy human takes enormous energy and can ruin the chance of a good night's sleep. 

Over the last 25 years, my Elite SheetTM  has become my best friend. In my life, it is a necessary luxury.  I take it with me whenever I will be sleeping somewhere other than my own bed. If I forget it, I can forget about sleeping, too.  I know it will be a long night of painful tossing and turning. I honestly cannot sleep well without it.  In order to turn on a traditional sheet, I have to wake up, lift my whole body so it doesn’t get stuck and the covers don’t strangle me.  It is a battle just to turn over.  My body aches enough during the day.  I need to be able to move effortlessly at night, and that is why the Elite SheetTM is an absolute MUST for me!  I am confident that once you try it, you will understand what I mean. 

Who would have thought that a simple bed sheet would make such a difference?  Bed sheets have been around for thousands of years, but none that address sleep problems until now.  With the purchase of an Elite SheetTM, you will have a luxurious necessity that will make you wonder how you slept without it.

No reason to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive pillow-top mattress or other accessories.  Let the Elite SheetTM  rescue your body by allowing you to turn with ease and minimize your discomfort like it has for me for all these years. 


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