“It only took me one night on an Elite Sheet to know I wanted another sheet.
It’s great to sleep and be able to turn over”. LeRae, Lindon, Utah
elite sheet comfort restless sleeping help
Restless Sleepers
Tossing and turning in bed is extremely uncomfortable. Sheets and sleepwear gather around you and strangulate your movements.
Women Who Are Pregnant
Finding a comfortable position during the last few months of pregnancy is almost impossible. So is turning an unbalanced body. Quality of sleep during this precious time is priceless.
Big and Tall Men and Women
Men and women who are big and tall have a difficult time comfortably moving in their bed while they sleep. Not only do the sheets gather around them, but their movement can affect the sleep of their partner.
People With Health/Pain Issues
Those who suffer with chronic pain and medical issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, already have difficulty changing positions due to pain. Limited ability for movement while sleeping exacerbates the problem.

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Hi! I'm Peggy Mills LMT
I have chronic pain and sleeping at night used to be intolerable. That’s why I developed the Elite sheet.
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